Which university is the best? (Other English Speaking Countries)

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Australian National University (Australia)
U. of Melbourne (Australia)
Monash (Australia)
U. of Newcastle (Australia)
U. of Tasmania (Australia)
U. of Flinders (Australia)
James Cook (Australia)
Swinburne (Australia)
Griffith (Australia)
U. of South Australia
U. of Wollongong (Australia)
U. of Western Australia
Bond (Australia)
Curtin (Australia
U. of Adelaide (Australia)
Quensland (Australia)
La Trobe (Australia
RMIT (Australia)
U. of Technology, Sydney (Australia)
U. of Toronto (Canada)
British Columbia (Canada)
U. of Alberta (Canada)
Simon Fraser (Canada)
U. of Ottawa (Canada)
UVIC (Canada)
Laval (Canada)
U. of Saskatchevan (Canada)
Dalhausie (Canada)
McMaster (Canada)
U. of Waterloo (Canada)
U. of Western Ontario (Canada)
U. of Calgary (Canada)
U. of Auckland (New Zealand)
U. of Otago (New Zealand)
U. of Waikato (New Zealand)
U. of Canterbury (New Zealand)
Lincoln (New Zealand)
U. of Wellington (New Zealand)
Massey (New Zealand)